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Thread: Best Lotto Invest from Indonesia

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    Welcome back Liong.

    Quote Originally Posted by Liong Apat View Post
    Very interesting is not it?
    Interesting it is, very. But..what's happening with the Taipei pools?
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    Citrus for forum president imo.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wakou View Post
    I vote Citrus for Mayor of Swindon.
    Quote Originally Posted by lucky_scrote View Post
    Citrus for forum president imo.

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    Default Additional information

    Dear Citrus,

    Taipeipools could not play because I have not opened an account there. Each website lottery operators in Indonesia have a different game. Indotogel ( provide singaporepools and hongkongpools. If we want playing Taipeipools, we must open the account in Totost ( Totost provide Singaporepools and Taipeipools. And Macaupools and Singaporepools we must open account at Togel4D ( I just have open account at Indotogel and Togel4d. Totobet ( same like Indotogel. Provide SG and HK.

    Every operator give 29% discount for play at 2D games. Bet 1 win 70. We must play in a trustworthy operator, isn't it? There are still others who cheat us like Asiantogel (, etc. Do not give discount.

    I think macaupools is a lie because I didn't find it at Internet like Wikipedia. They dialed the number himself to trick us.

    This is additional information for all of u.

    Best regards from Indonesia

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    Have you looked into Chinese Lotto? You can just dive right in and have a lucky dip in the Swee Ming Pools.

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